Already Failing as a Blogger….

Well, I officially skipped a month and a half of posting. Oops.

I have plenty of awesome experiences that I’ve been meaning to post over the last few weeks, but just haven’t for one reason or another.  I promise (don’t hold your breath..) to catch up over the holidays.  I’ll be back in Indiana for 12 whole days!  In theory, that gives me plenty of time to catch up on everything, but as usual, the time goes by way faster than planned.  I’ve made the mistake of taking all 12 days off, but agreeing to work as much as needed.  I’m so bad with taking time off… I always “officially” take the day(s) off, but end up checking email and working a majority of the day.  Getting behind just stresses me out. ugh.

One preview of what’s to come… I recently watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and it’s completely changed the way I view food. Remember in my first post when I said that I have a new hobby all the time?  Remember how I mentioned being Vegan?  Yep, tried that for a day.  Failed.  That was in response to reading the book Skinny Bitch.  Unfortunately, that book didn’t give me enough motivation to make much of a change.  This documentary on the other hand, completely different story.  My meat loving, animal protein craving husband admitted to feeling guilty and bad for eating meat today which is pretty shocking.  He even chose portobello burgers over pork and beef fajitas tonight (although he did sneak in a cup of beef chili…)  For those of you that know Steve, this is earth shattering…  This is coming from the man who believes the only source of protein is animal meat.

Anyway, I’m about 3 days in now and I have eaten a primarily vegan diet (with exception to the chicken finger I ate after a day of drinking at Santacon in SF).  There is no way I could ever transition to a full time vegan (Thanksgiving? Hell no.) but this movie was really a wake up call to make some pretty simple changes.  I have to say, I haven’t been hungry at all or missed meat.  I’m sure that will change soon, but I think it’s something that will stick with me, even if only on a part-time basis.  We were in the habit of eating meat for every meal.  Why is that necessary?  Couldn’t it just be 1-2 times per week?  I’ve been much fuller, but without the heavy, sick feeling you get from stuffing your face.  Plus, I stay full practically all day!

If you haven’t seen the film, please, please, please watch it…. It’s so good and really makes you think about your food choices.


Hopefully more to come over the next few weeks… 🙂


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