My Favorite Coffee Shop. Ever.

With a career in sales, I spend a ton of time on the road which I LOVE.  How else would I learn my way around this gigantic state?!

Part of my current territory is the Sacramento area, and I try to stay in Roseville as much as possible.  It’s a super cute suburb with lots of great restaurants and shopping (their Whole Foods is redic!)  My husband found a coffee shop a few years ago and it has quickly become my absolute favorite. coffee. shop. ever.

It’s called Bloom Coffee and Tea ( and I can not stop raving about this place!

First of all, check out their menu.  It’s all about the coffee!  You don’t see tons of crazy/sugary/complicated drinks.  It’s all your espresso staples.  Plus, they french press EVERY cup of coffee.  It’s insane- they have a separate coffee menu with descriptions you would expect from a high end winery.  They use beans from Verve Coffee ( out of Santa Cruz (the only beans we buy now!) and it’s pretty incredible the difference it makes.

Second, I just love the entire vibe of the place.  Check out these hardwood floors… are you kidding me… I need these in a house some day!

Finally, they make the best damn latte I’ve ever had.  I have a latte or cappuccino about every other day, and I’ve become somewhat of a coffee snob.  I hate when places (cough, Starbucks, cough) burn the espresso or mess up the milk.  Bloom has the smoothest latte imaginable.  The espresso is easy to drink and nutty and the milk is frothy and the perfect temperature.  Plus, bonus points for the fun shapes they put in the cups!

Alright, enough rambling.  If you are ever in Roseville, check out Bloom- you won’t be disappointed!  You can find them at:

1485 Eureka Rd. Suite 100, Roseville, CA


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