Hello world!

I’ve recently started religiously following a few blogs and every time I read them, I’m jealous of the cool things/delicious recipes/fab trips/insert fun thing -here-.  So I got to thinking… why not give it a shot?  A few reasons instantly came to mind:

1) I have the writing style of a 12 year old.

2) I have a uber life-consuming job in Healthcare IT sales that already takes up a majority of my day.

3) Who the heck cares about my day?!

4) I’d rather have a glass (or bottle) of wine and catch up on reruns of SNL.

However, today I woke up and read a blog with a delish recipe for a fall chicken soup and I got into one of my moods where I thought, “Wow, it would be fun to be a blogger”  I texted my husband and let him know of my  new hobby to which he didn’t have much of a response.  This could be because I have a new idea each week (dieting, being Vegan, scrapbooking, etc)  and he knows I’ll snap out of it in about 30 minutes.

Later in the afternoon, I got a call from my Aunt, and during our convo, I told her I had been in Vegas yesterday for work, Pebble Beach and Monterey last weekend, and San Diego this weekend.  It really got me thinking… I’m so lucky to live in this amazing part of the country where there is so much to do and I sometimes take it for granted.  It would be fun to actually document some of the places I go and amazing food/wine that I devour!  I always seem to move at about a mile a second, so I forget the fun little things such as our hotel in Monterey delivering Champagne to our room for our anniversary, looking at crabs at Point Lobos, oysters and artichokes in Carmel, or how annoyed we were when I left our keys in our hotel room (our hotel had no elevator and we were on the 4th floor- it sounds dramatic, but trust me, it was life ending at that moment).

Long story short…. We’ll see what happens with this thing.  This all actually happened because our cable went out, the husband is snoring on the couch, and we are getting our first rare fall rain in Northern CA.  What was I supposed to do?  I’m burnt out on work for the day, I have my favorite discontinued Illumination’s Apple Cider candle burning, and I’m just enjoying the extremely rare thunderstorm.  (On a tangent- thunderstorms are one of the things I miss the most about Indiana…)  I don’t feel like folding the three loads of laundry that are haunting me or unloading the newly clean dishwasher, so  logical answer is…. Start a blog!

Hang with me as I figure this thing out 🙂


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